White Shirt Dress – A Must Have

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Why a white shirt dress

A white shirt dress is a must-have piece for every girl, and might I add several white shirt dresses at that, because it’s impossible to have just one; a white shirt dress completes every wardrobe. From the very casual dresses to the very sophisticated and fashionable; a white shirt dress, with it’s crisp clean look and fresh appeal, is literally always a breath of fresh air and I for one feel spectacular when I wear one.

What’s in a white shirt dress

Wanna get noticed, do you want to get tons of compliments when you’re out and about, and let’s face it that’s half the reason we dress up; then put on a white shirt dress and put my theory to the test. A white shirt dress is always a win for me. It is literally impossible for me to wear it and not get stopped multiple times with compliments and questions about where I purchased my dress.

How to choose a white shirt dress

I like that white dresses come in every variety and style, because we are not a one-size-fit-all bunch after all. When I’m choosing a dress to purchase I go for the dressy and unique ones, I look for dresses with interesting sleeves or tails like, balloon or ruffle sleeves, high-low dresses or dresses with ties on them, like self belted dresses or dresses with ties on the sleeves. I look for interesting shaped dresses like baggy or asymmetrical dresses, as opposed to a straight cut shirt dress. To me the magic of a white shirt dress is in all of the interesting details on the dress.

How to style a white shirt dress

How you style your dress would depend on the style of the dress and your imagination; the styling possibilities are endless. For my look I have styled a baggy high low-dress dress from Asos with a burgundy tie belt with tassels from Maje, Gianvito Rossi pumps in a similar color from Farfetch, and a handmade snakeskin leather envelope clutch gifted to me by my best friend. I’ve belted the dress because, while I do not like the baggy look, I do like the way a baggy dress looks belted around the waist.

I will add links to this dress and some other white shirt dresses for your consideration. Please take a few minutes to let me know how you style your white shirt dress; I’m curious to know what your thoughts are. Please share this post and comments below, and also remember to subscribe to my newsletter . As always thank you for coming along with me on my fashion journey; I always love to hear from you so please leave me your feedback. Until next time…

Xo Keke

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    This look is so me!!

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