Travel the holidays in Style!

Since it is the holidays, a lot of you all will be traveling to visit friends and family! It can be hard to look stylish whilst traveling, whether you’re heading on a road trip, catching a flight, hopping on a bus or jumping on a train, the key to traveling in style is to opt for classics that are functional but look well put together! Also, think carefully about your luggage and invest in quality pieces you can rely on every time!

A Jacket or Blazer.

Throw a stylish jacket or blazer over a T-shirt and leggings to make your outfit so much more polished. Adding a staple piece like this will make you look like a veteran frequent flyer! If you’re traveling to warmer destinations, opt or lighter fabrics.

A Large Tote Bag.

Functional and fashionable! Instead of carrying a bunch of small bags, take a large tote bag instead! It will not only look fashionable, but it will be able to carry all of your belongings, from hand sanitizer to your passport!

A hold everything Chic wallet.

Keep all of your cards in one place! You can’t travel without all of the important stuff! Keep all of your important documents close together in a super chic fashionable wallet! That way once you get to customs, you’ll know exactly where to go when they ask for them!


A chic pair of sunglasses instantly adds extra attitude to your look. Whether you’re wearing sweats or a dress add your favorite pair of sunnies to your look when you exit baggage claim.

Loafers or Mules

Loafers are just as comfortable as trainers or slides, but they look so much smarter and can go with practically anything! If you’re a girl that likes a lift, Mules are the perfect accessory for you! They have the same professional look and comfort with a little height!

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