Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas!

No matter where you’re spending thanksgiving, the question is always “what do I wear?” On one hand you want to be fashionable but on the other you need space to eat all of that good food! While you’re tempted to wear a baggy sweater and sweat pants, we’re actually excited to dress up a little for the holidays! Whether you’re have a Friends giving or hanging out with the in-laws this season have no worries because Style Selfie has some outfit idea in mind!


Casual- If you’re just planning on chilling with the family this holiday, or planning to do thanksgiving with you friends, you’ll probably be in your comfort zone. That means you’ll probably want to go for something a little more casual. Grab your favorite pair of jeans, your favorite jacket and you comfy sweaters and let’s get to work! Check out these fab outfits below!


Formal– For those of you that are planning to do something a little more formal, maybe thanksgiving with a rooftop view, or thanksgiving at a favorite restaurant or banquet hall.


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