• Style the “Marilyn Skirt” 3 Different Ways!

    One of our most popular items the Marilyn Skirt has taken our site by storm! While most of us might see the skirt as a formal piece, we’re here to show you how to style it multiple ways!


    1. Add a statement top, a clutch and a pair of heels for the perfect brunch outfit!

    2. Put on a pair of loafers and a graphic tee to pull this skirt of day to day!

    3. Take this skirt to work with a conservative top and a pair of pumps.


  • My Favorite Winter Trends!

    With the surprisingly cold weather in the air, we think it’s time to start pulling out our winter wardrobe. We’ve pulled our FAVORITE looks from fashion week so that you can present your best self in the colder months!

    Plaid– Oh the joy of an OLDIE but goodie! The great thing about wearing plaid is that no matter what your style is, you can always incorporate plaid into your daily life. Wear it dressy or wear it casual. Plaid will never go out of style and that is why you should always keep it in your closet! During the holiday, plaid gives a sense of cheer to your family photos and will create a super chic look!  

    Square Sunglasses- The air may be cold, but the sun is still out! Protect your eyes with a perfectly polished pair of square sunnies. We’ve seen a lot of different styles during fashion week from large types to smaller and subdued. Sunglasses have always been an evolving accessory, but these frames will be timeless!

    Extra Long Sleeves- Who needs gloves when your sleeves can do the trick? Celebs like Rihanna love this trend (She added it to her runway debut) but the offer another alternative to keeping those fingers warm! Gone are the days of struggling to answer your calls through a pair of gloves. Who has time for that?


    Neons– Who says the bright colors are only made for warm weather? We saw bright neon prints on many of this years NYFW runway shows. Warm up the scene with your favorite neon brights this winter. Pick your favorite color and run with it! 


    Feathered Fur– We don’t want to upset PETA. Faux fur gives your all of the sass and warmth without endangering animals! We saw this trend over and over on the winter 2019/2020 runways!

    Cape– It’s the return of the cape! For those gals who like to keep it chic and modern and don’t always like to try too hard. We’ve seen large brands like Dior, Burberry, and Gucci pulled out the capes for the Winter 2019/2020 looks! 

  • Rules are meant to be broken! Wear your White after Labor Day!

    I’m sure we’ve all heard that old saying “No white after labor day”. The history: In the late 19th century the society ladies were engaged in an invisible battle with the nouveau riche, one that could only be won by the subtle manipulation of fashion.  According to Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in an interview with Time, “It [was] insiders trying to keep other people out, and outsiders trying to climb in by proving they know the rules.” Some etiquette authorities rebuff this class theory, however, regardless of how this theory came about, there’s on thing I think we can all agreed on, there is no need for us to still be following this rule in 2019. So in this blog, we’re going to walk you through how to wear your white year round.


    Invest in a pair of chic white booties- I know we all love to bring out those crisp white sneakers in the summer months. While we know you may have put them into hibernation, we hope you have had this upgrade in your queue. White booties are the perfect pair to your fall outfit. They can be paired with a cozy sweater and jeans, a sexy body con dress or even a chill and laid-back set.


    Your classic button down is your best friend- One thing is for sure, we all have that classic white button up in our closet and if you work in an office setting, you’re most likely wearing them frequently. You can continue to wear your classic button up outside of the office in the colder months by layering them over a classic t-shirt, wearing it under your favorite cozy sweater or you can wear it underneath your favorite camel coat for a night out on the town as the temperature starts to drop!


    There’s nothing like a clean white turtleneck- A white turtleneck not only says “HELLO FALL” but it shows your chic side. A white turtleneck can make you look like you’ve just came off the Chanel runway! Pair a white turtleneck with cognac accessories or your favorite pair of bootcut jeans.

    Contrast your white bottoms with fall colored tops- There’s no need to put away your white pants just yet! Contrast your white pants with fall cozy sweaters. You can create and ombre effect by wearing an ivory or beige sweater

    Break up your white with dark tones like black- Have plans to wear all white? No problem! Break up your all white looks with hint of black tones such as a black scarf, a black belt, or a black vest! Bringing in the contrast will make your look less springy and more fall!

  • FALL IS HERE!: Style Selfie Transitional Fall Pieces !

    Fall is officially here and that means it’s time to transition from our summer wardrobe to sassy fall pieces. If you’re wondering how to transition your summer wear to fall we’ve got you covered! Style Selfie has amazing fall pieces that will help you evolve into your most fashionable autumn self!



    1. Don’t get rid of your maxi dresses just yet! – If you’re thinking about packing up your maxi dresses, think twice! Gone are the days of only wearing flowy long dresses for summer days. Our long sleeve Athena dress Is perfect for those chilly fall nights. Take it for a night on the town with the hubby or for a girl’s night out! Pair them with fall booties or cute heels for the perfect look.





    2. Ditch the short skirts for Midi’s – summer is for short skirts, fall is for mid-length. mid-length skirts showcase the legs while still keeping you covered up during the changing weather. Style with a white t-shirt and blazer for a completed office look. Our Marylin Skirt has the perfect style and color to get you from your work week to happy hour!






    3. Take on the town with comfy sets – While it’s time we start bundling up, who says the only way to cover up in the fall are jeans and sweaters. Keep it cute and cozy with our Kendra Cullot Set”. This comfy set will give the appearance of you working hard without all the work. This effortless look pairs perfect with heels or with loafers for a more laid back feel.




    4. Pop some color– Unexpected colors like neon bright’s help you stand out amongst the crowd. Our Kate Dress and our Jackie Bow Dress” come in bright colors such as yellow and red with long sleeve accents to put your best fall foot forward.



    5. Slip into satin- During New York fashion week, Versace revamped and relaunched their 90s satin dress. Adding neon hues with a hint of contrast, The silky look makes sense for formal events plus, you can make it work for everyday work wear. We at StyleSelfie gives you an affordable take on the satin trend with our “Jade Kimono Jumpsuit”. It’s Floral accent and bright color make this look perfectly transitional. The length and cut will keep you in style while keeping you on trend!



    With the seasons changing, so are the trends. Shopping can be stressful when you’re unsure of how to work your figure! Fashion is about feeling good and expressing yourself through the things that we find and love. At  StyleYourSelfie our goal is to make sure women from all over and all shapes and sizes feel complete and secure in themselves. We have researched and created this guideline to help you learn how to dress your body shape and play up your best features! Now, we are all different and come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, but did you know that every one of us have general body shape? Have you ever taken the time to research and find out what outfits work best for you? Well now is the time! So let’s start by acknowledging the 4 major body types:

    Apple Shaped body (or inverted triangle):

    • You are generally well-proportioned
    • Your shoulders are broader than your hips
    • You are not necessarily as curvy through your hips
    • You don’t have a well-defined waistline

    Pear Shaped (or Triangle shaped):

    • Your waist is wider than your bust
    • You consider yourself to have fuller hips
    • You have narrower shoulders in comparison to your hips
    • You have a fuller rear

    Rectangle Shaped (or athletic shape):

    • You’re not particularly curvy
    • Your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same
    • Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down
    • Your weight is fairly evenly distributed throughout your body

    Hourglass Shaped (or curvy shaped):

    • You’d describe your body as curvy
    • You have a well-defined waist
    • Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even
    • You may have fuller bust, hips, and thighs

    Now that we’ve acknowledge what those body types are, lets discuss how to dress them up!


    How to dress your apple shape:

    Take care of the top! – Since most of the weight and concentration is above the hips, your midsection appears heavier than the remaining body with a minimal waistline. What we want to do is take some of the attention away from your broad shoulders while also highlighting your strengths. With that noted, show off those legs with shorts and skirts or wear dresses with V or deep V necklines that create an elongated illusion of your torso!

    1. Fall in love with prints – Patterned jackets and and printed dresses are your best friend! For the fall, monochrome looks, dark colors, full or 3/4th sleeves dresses will help.
    1. Get Comfortable on the bottom- Flared bottom jeans, palazzo pants and wider “flowy” skirts like this one on our site can help create balance when wearing more fitted tops.
    1. Wear the right size bra– Now this goes for everyone! However, apple shapes have to be extremely careful with not wearing too big or too small bra sizes as that can create a more imbalanced look.


    FIGURE hugging dresses and tight tops with skinny jeans will make your apple shape more visible.


    • Hourglass Shape

    How to dress your hourglass shape:

    1. Since you have a well-balanced figure, your dresses should do the same as well. The dress should sit well at the right curves and follow the outline of these curves. Make the most of it, because not everybody got it like you do!
    2. Dresses that cinch at the waist like our “Kate” dress, will be your best fit. V or plunge V and sweetheart necklines can help you flaunt your upper body. To flaunt your waistline, go with a belt at your natural waistline or below the belly button—either way it only looks great. A-line dresses or similar cuts take care of working on the lower part of the body.

    What to avoid?

    While you’re blessed to be perfectly proportioned. Pairing baggy and loose clothing together will cause you to look heavier and more round. Shoot for more fitted clothing to accentuate those curves!


    • Pear Shaped

    How to dress your Pear Shape:

    The trick to pear shapes is to create an illusion of an hourglass figure. Generally speaking, more fitted or structured tops give you definition around your narrow shoulders and draw attention to your narrow waist.  If you tend to be on the curvier side, this is even truer—make sure to show it off!

    Your Core pieces should be:

    • Plunging V-necks in any silhouette
    • Cowl necks
    • Bell-sleeves
    • Scoop neck


    What to avoid?

    Stay away from baggy, loose bottoms as they will make your lower body look wider than they are.  


    • Rectangle Shaped

    How to dress your rectangle shape:

    An athletic/slender figure looks best when they’re drawing attention to their muscular arms, defined shoulders and showing off their waist.

    Your core pieces would be:

    • Halter styles
    • Racer back styles
    • Scoop & round necklines
    • Cropped shirts
    • Strapless anything!

    Play up your bust line! Lean towards styles with statement collars or embellished necklines. You can also score serious style points with a high neck and an open back.

    Accessorize! – If you want to draw attention upward, find some statement earrings, layer some necklaces, or throw on your favorite scarf. To lengthen your arms, swap in some rings instead of bracelets. If you have long arms, you can rock the chunky bangle look better than most.

    What to Avoid?

    Avoid loose fitting and baggy clothing as they will “swallow” you up. Making you look bigger than you are!


    Final Thoughts: Our Goal in reviewing these topics is to make sure that EVERY woman feels there best selves. So now that you’ve figured out where you stand, go out and put your best shape forward!

  • Cropped Sweater – My DIY Version

    Sweater Sold Out Similar // Similar Leather Skirt // Chanel Clutch // Christian Louboutin Shoes

    My DIY Cropped Sweater Project

    I didn’t exactly set off with a cropped sweater in mind, but while trying to style my new sweater I discovered that I had the perfect peachy pink leather skirt to go with it; that gave me the idea to create a monochrome look. I liked my idea since I live for a good monochrome look and I already had the right clutch and pointed toe shoes to complete my look. However, when I tried the sweater and skirt together, the sweater seemed to overpower the skirt; it was impossible to tuck the sweater into my leather pencil skirt because it was too bulky; it wasn’t a good look. So I did it: I cropped the sweater and had the loose ends seamed by a tailor.

    How I Like To Wear My Cropped Sweater

    Don’t you know this did the trick. I ended up with exactly the look I was going for; a cropped sweater with a mid waist leather pencil skirt in blush tones. Everyone knows that cropped sweaters are still as hot as ever, even in fall. I’m in love with good cropped sweaters and will be showing a few more styles that I love in the coming months. I generally like my cropped sweater slightly loose fitting and coming down, at least to my navel. I’m not a big fan of the tight fitting cropped sweater. I like to pair my cropped sweater with free flowing bottoms like pleated skirts and palazzo pants.

    The truth is while I like the way this look came together, I will not be attempting another DIY cropped sweater project anytime soon. I think I’ll stick to buying my cropped sweaters from now on, as I just discovered that I am not a very craftsy person. So who else is into cropped sweaters and how do you like to wear it? I’d like to hear your thoughts. As always thanks for following along on my fashion journey, please share this post and leave me your feedback. Until next time.

    Xo Keke