fashion week

  • Style the “Marilyn Skirt” 3 Different Ways!

    One of our most popular items the Marilyn Skirt has taken our site by storm! While most of us might see the skirt as a formal piece, we’re here to show you how to style it multiple ways!


    1. Add a statement top, a clutch and a pair of heels for the perfect brunch outfit!

    2. Put on a pair of loafers and a graphic tee to pull this skirt of day to day!

    3. Take this skirt to work with a conservative top and a pair of pumps.


  • My Favorite Winter Trends!

    With the surprisingly cold weather in the air, we think it’s time to start pulling out our winter wardrobe. We’ve pulled our FAVORITE looks from fashion week so that you can present your best self in the colder months!

    Plaid– Oh the joy of an OLDIE but goodie! The great thing about wearing plaid is that no matter what your style is, you can always incorporate plaid into your daily life. Wear it dressy or wear it casual. Plaid will never go out of style and that is why you should always keep it in your closet! During the holiday, plaid gives a sense of cheer to your family photos and will create a super chic look!  

    Square Sunglasses- The air may be cold, but the sun is still out! Protect your eyes with a perfectly polished pair of square sunnies. We’ve seen a lot of different styles during fashion week from large types to smaller and subdued. Sunglasses have always been an evolving accessory, but these frames will be timeless!

    Extra Long Sleeves- Who needs gloves when your sleeves can do the trick? Celebs like Rihanna love this trend (She added it to her runway debut) but the offer another alternative to keeping those fingers warm! Gone are the days of struggling to answer your calls through a pair of gloves. Who has time for that?


    Neons– Who says the bright colors are only made for warm weather? We saw bright neon prints on many of this years NYFW runway shows. Warm up the scene with your favorite neon brights this winter. Pick your favorite color and run with it! 


    Feathered Fur– We don’t want to upset PETA. Faux fur gives your all of the sass and warmth without endangering animals! We saw this trend over and over on the winter 2019/2020 runways!

    Cape– It’s the return of the cape! For those gals who like to keep it chic and modern and don’t always like to try too hard. We’ve seen large brands like Dior, Burberry, and Gucci pulled out the capes for the Winter 2019/2020 looks! 

  • fashion week style

    I have nothing to wear is usually my first thought when I’m packing for Fashion Week, and when I quickly rummage through my closet for ideas I confirm what I’d already suspected that I really have nothing to wear. Fashion Week style isn’t about dressing normally or sensibly, it’s not your typical street  style either.

    Fashion Week Style is a creative expression, it’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone and putting together outfits that you normally wouldn’t wear unless you are already a far out dresser.  Fashion Week street style is about being noticed  and being photographed by a swarm photographers usually on the prowl for stand out dressers.

    I love Fashion Week, I love the excitement and anticipation that come with it. I love the fashion, the shows and the parties afterwards, but most of all I love to people-watch to see people’s creativity. I guess I’m really more impressed with their commitment. I however, am not quite there yet, this is my toned down version of Fashion Week Style