sleeveless trench coats – a must have for fall

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TGIF – Thank God it’s Fall! And why am I thanking God it’s fall you ask, because fall has amazing fashion; that’s why. It’s the time we trade in our bright summary clothes for richer, darker autumnal hues like burnt orange, deep reds and greens. Fashionistas really show off in the fall.

Why We Love Sleeveless Trench Coats

I love fall fashion because the possibilities are endless. With amazing layering pieces like sleeveless trench coats; you can really look like a knockout every time you step out the door. So if you want to look like an ‘It Girl’, you’ll definitely need one of these in your closet.

Sleeveless trench coats are one of my favorite fall wardrobe staples; and it’s a must-have for every fashionista in the Fashionsphere. You can style sleeveless trench coats so many different ways, with jeans, leggings, pants, shorts and a top; which is the way it’s usually worn if you want to dress casual. I, however like to dress things up so instead I’m wearing mine with a bodycon dress; which is also one of my favorites things to wear. I love that it gives me a sleek sophisticated look and the longer silhouette. I’ve paired mine with high heeled sandals the same color as my dress and a rich tone clutch; in keeping with my fall colors.

How to Choose a Sleeveless Trench Coat

While sleeveless trench coats are worn mostly in the fall and spring they’re definitely making their way into other seasons like summer and winter. When choosing a sleeveless trench coat think about the season, that would inform what colors, texture and type of fabric you choose. For instance, in the spring I could choose a champagne or blush-colored, silk, ankle length sleeveless trench, while I would choose a rust-colored, crepe, knee length trench in the fall. I also like sleeveless trench coats with either a band in the back for a more fitted look, or a self tying belted trench that can be tied a little tighter in the back for a shapely fit.

Whether you’re choosing a sleeveless trench coat for the spring, summer or fall, or you’re pairing it with pants or a dress, I know you’re going to look fabulous so try it today. I want to know what you think, so don’t forget to leave your thoughts on sleeveless trench coats in the comment box.

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Xo Keke

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  1. Esther says:

    I definitely agree with you that the sleevless trench is a closet staple. I particularly love how simply you styled this look which I find to die for! ?

  2. Edwige says:

    So so in love with this Fall style. The color, the clean cut, the minimalist jewelries, the shoes… Everything. Perfection. Love your style darling… And great post!

    Edwige |

  3. Beauty says:

    You look beautiful; I love the color combination. I also blogged about Sleeveless Vests on my blog today too; how awesome!

  4. Chicamastyle says:

    Awesome post darlyn

  5. Oge says:

    Love your style

  6. Chimda zirra says:

    I never tried it on a dress will definitely do you look amazing

  7. Vivian E says:

    Hello Keke! Just found your blog and I love your style…your passion for fashion shows through! You look amazing in this sleeveesss trench coat…I love the fall hues of your outfit! And I agree, sleeveless trench coats have endless possibilities for styling. But I love how you styled it with the sheath dress for that simple long silhouette.

  8. Shawanna says:

    I have a sleeves trench that doesn’t get much play in my wardrobe but looking at this post, I realized that this spring and summer, this would be a great way to pair with the more fitted dresses that I love that are a little too va va voom for the office.

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