ruffles trend – how to wear ruffles

Ruffle detail dress // Gucci Boots // Chanel bag

Why we love ruffles this season

Is there anyone else who feels as beautiful as I do in ruffles? Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you know you’re looking good? I’ll go as far as saying that looking good actually gives me an energy boost! And when I’m looking exceptionally good I get a lot more accomplished; my brain feels a lot more articulate and I have a permanent grin on my face. It always reinforces what I already know, that great style is a script for healthy living.

Happy Friday lovelies I’m feeling so good today because I love the way this look came together, it’s really giving me life right now! I can’t get enough of ruffles this season, nothing beats wearing a shirt dress and looking fabulous in it. I love shirt dresses because they are so comfortable and easy to wear and I’m all for that. The ruffle details on this dress makes it standout plus the cold shoulders on it is everything.

I’m loving ruffles this season because they’re so soft and feminine and can add drama to any outfit. This could have just been a basic black shirt dress but throw in the ruffles and the cold shoulders and it totally transforms my look. I’m so glad that this trend is carrying into fall with sweaters and even coats, I can’t wait to get my hands on a coat with ruffles. I’m still in search of the perfect one but you can count on seeing many more looks with ruffles on me this season.

How to wear ruffles

Ruffles are easy to wear and look good on everyone. If you are top-heavy my suggestion would be to avoid having them across your chest as they could make you look even heavier. Try them on shoulders and sleeves or even get them on pants and skirts as an amazing alternative. I hope you get to love them as much as I do.

As always thanks for following along on my fashion journey and see you next time

Xo Keke

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