Leather Love

I got my very first leather jacket when I was just 10 years old. No small thing for a little girl from Nigeria. I remember my father took us to England the summer that Lady Diana and Prince Charles got married; we were picked up and taken to his friend’s jeans factory, straight from Heathrow Airport. My proper mother didn’t think it was appropriate to descend on the poor man’s business 10 deep, cause we also brought an uncle and aunt along with us, luggage and all, but my dad who wasn’t particularly bothered with being appropriate thought it was, and so we went.

That was where we had our first kid in a candy store experience, only with leather and jeans. We were loosed to run amok in the factory, each person could take as many jeans and leather items as their hands could carry, while my father and his friend watched and laughed. I grabbed red Jeans, blue jeans, yellow jeans, I think I grabbed every color under the rainbow and of course my gold leather jacket. Even at a young age I already loved shiny things. I felt so cool in that jacket, and it brought me a lot of attention in boarding school and established me as a young fashionista. I loved it so much… but I digress.

It’s easy to style a leather jacket, you can pair it with jeans and a t-shirt or you can even wear a dress and practically any type of skirt underneath, but it’s sometimes hard to put together any other leather outfit without looking over done. A few years ago Kim Kardashian wore an amazing black leather shirt and skirt that blew my mind, but most people can’t pull off a double dose of leather without looking crazy. Pairing a leather skirt with a top might require a little creativity if you don’t want to look basic.

With this particular skirt nothing seemed to go with it, don’t get me wrong it looked good with a t-shirt, a shirt and a sweater but, it wasn’t quite the look I was going for, so it sat in my closet for a minute, until I found this solution and everything changed. By styling it with a mesh top in the same color and a little bralette, it took my look from basic to glossy Glam, which is more my style. Oh and it was a big hit with my hubby too, and that’s always nice. So try a leather skirt this fall, you’ll find one in every fit and price point. If you’re not into pencil skirts you can try a flared, A-line, mini or pleated skirt.

My skirt is a faux leather skirt from Zara (sold out)

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