Lace Dress With Contrast Details And Sparkle Bow

Lace Dress for a Christmas Party

It’s the second week in December and the excitement of Christmas is in the air, and Holiday party invitations are now coming at me fast and furious. From Office parties, to gift exchanges with girlfriends, to cocktail events, to full blown Christmas balls, it’s really Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas.
Of course the first thought that comes to mind is, what am I going to wear to all these parties; a lace dress, velvet pant suit? Let’s face it that’s the most important part of this process. If I know that I have the appropriate outfits (and by appropriate I mean slaying, rocking, head to toe gorgeousness) for each one of these parties, I can relax and anticipate having a good time with friends and family.

A Ltittle Extra for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time for me to look a little extra; extra cute, extra sassy, extra shiny, and for my people that love big tulle skirts, extra poofy. Why not? Today I’m going for extra cute with a little drop of extra sassy in the mix, with this lace dress with contrast collar and cuffs, and a sparkle bow. This to me is a perfect Christmas outfit; it’s not what I would usually wear on a regular day, to a regular event.

Wearing something a little extra like this lace dress during Christmas is always fun for me, because people are not expecting to see me in that outfit. It makes it all the more interesting for me and for them, because my outfit usually becomes a topic of conversation. In my mind I’m thinking my dress is my gift to y’all, lol; you just don’t know it though.

What’s your holiday extra, please share I’d love to know. Please comment, share and subscribe to my newsletter to get all my looks sent to your inbox. Until next time…
Xo Keke

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  1. Chicamastyle says:

    Love the sparkle bow on the dress. Beautiful combo darlyn

  2. Samantha says:

    This look has to be my favorite <3
    -Samantha Halle |

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