My Fashion Week Street Style Look

Black Lace Vest

My Fashion Week Street Style

Fashion Week, what an exciting time for the fashion obsessed. The anticipation, the shows, the amazing designs and the nonstop parade of street styles. Fashion Week Street Style is simply your individual style that gets you noticed by people around you but more importantly by the photogs. It’s about individual creativity, uniqueness and flair; it’s anything but the ordinary. Aside from being a celebrity, it’s the only thing that gets you noticed in these fashion streets.

How To Street Style

It’s not easy putting together Street style looks for Fashion Week. You want to be creative, edgy and a little out there, but at the same time, you don’t want to look retarded. For my Fashion Week Street Style l chose to do in all black look with a black bodysuit, black leather leggings and a sleeveless black laser cut jacket. The only thing is that the all black look was not as exciting as I’d imagined it in my head. By the way I hate when that happens you know, and it happens way too often. I cook up a look in my head and imagine how good I’ll look only to try it on and ask myself what in the world l was thinking. This usually happens when I try to convince myself that I’m a lot slimmer or that I have a different body type than I actually have.

Coming back to my look, l wasn’t satisfied with the all black look, it just wasn’t wow worthy, so I threw on this green leather jacket that l has just purchased, and voila; I had the perfect Fashion Week Street Style look. I wore this to the Ralph & Russo show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Do you love this look as much as I do, if so please share your thoughts and comments with me. Remember to subscribe for my newsletter for daily fashion inspiration. As always thanks for following along on my fashion journey. Please share this post if you like it. Until next time.

Xo Keke

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  1. My favorite thing about this look is the green jacket! I was the perfect addition of color to the all black look! You chose well!

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