Cropped Wide-Leg Pants Or Culottes

Cropped Pants // Turtle Neck Bodysuit // Tie Belt // Celine Bag // Gianvitto Rossi Shoes

Are they culottes or cropped wide-leg pants

So which is it, are they culottes or are they cropped wide-leg pants; are they the same thing or are they different, and if so what makes them different? These are all questions I’ve asked and I’m sure you have too. If I’m not mistaken culottes are shorter in length usually reaching down to the knees or calf area while cropped wide-leg pants fall closer to the ankles. This is just my opinion from my research and observations, don’t shoot me if I’m wrong. Since all these trends keep coming back, I’m just wondering what’s next; knickerbockers? (Secretly hoping; I used to love me some knickerbockers; but I digress)

At first I wasn’t quite sure how to refer to these pants; do I call them culottes or do I call them cropped wide-leg pants, which is a bit of a mouthful. The only thing I was certain of was that I loved them; they satisfied by desire for a different type of pants. I usually like my pants laying flush to the floor; I’m not a big fan of pants that only cover only a portion of my shoes; they look awkward and distracting when I walk, far from the polished look I strive for. These pants were a big win for me.

Choosing between culottes or cropped wide-leg pants

I tried on a bunch of culottes and wide-leg cropped pants and came to this conclusion the culottes weren’t for me; the wide-leg cropped pants were a much better fit for my height and body shape. The culottes made my 5’4″ frame look even shorter because the lengths were awkward an unflattering; only a small portion of my legs showed; oh and for some reason the crotch kept bunching up; it just wasn’t a pretty picture. The cropped wide-leg pants however were a different matter; they laid better around the crotch and came down to my ankles, giving me a cleaner more polished appearance, as you can see from the pictures.

If I were taller I could probably get away with wearing either one; the cropped wide-leg pants might even look like culottes on me, but I’m not, so I’ll just stay in my lane for now. I wonder what you all think of these pants, have you tried them yet, are you pro culottes or wide leg cropped pants? I’m interested in your opinions so please let me know. As always thanks for following along on my fashion journey, please share this post and your feedback. Until next time.

Xo Keke

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  1. Lovely pair you’ve got on. I’ll be writing a post on this similar pants soon. You could drop by sometime. You look stunning BTW

  2. Keke says:

    Thanks I’m glad to hear that we’re thinking along the same lines. I did stop by your blog and I like how you’re repping. I especially like the monochrome look.

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