Cropped Sweater – My DIY Version

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My DIY Cropped Sweater Project

I didn’t exactly set off with a cropped sweater in mind, but while trying to style my new sweater I discovered that I had the perfect peachy pink leather skirt to go with it; that gave me the idea to create a monochrome look. I liked my idea since I live for a good monochrome look and I already had the right clutch and pointed toe shoes to complete my look. However, when I tried the sweater and skirt together, the sweater seemed to overpower the skirt; it was impossible to tuck the sweater into my leather pencil skirt because it was too bulky; it wasn’t a good look. So I did it: I cropped the sweater and had the loose ends seamed by a tailor.

How I Like To Wear My Cropped Sweater

Don’t you know this did the trick. I ended up with exactly the look I was going for; a cropped sweater with a mid waist leather pencil skirt in blush tones. Everyone knows that cropped sweaters are still as hot as ever, even in fall. I’m in love with good cropped sweaters and will be showing a few more styles that I love in the coming months. I generally like my cropped sweater slightly loose fitting and coming down, at least to my navel. I’m not a big fan of the tight fitting cropped sweater. I like to pair my cropped sweater with free flowing bottoms like pleated skirts and palazzo pants.

The truth is while I like the way this look came together, I will not be attempting another DIY cropped sweater project anytime soon. I think I’ll stick to buying my cropped sweaters from now on, as I just discovered that I am not a very craftsy person. So who else is into cropped sweaters and how do you like to wear it? I’d like to hear your thoughts. As always thanks for following along on my fashion journey, please share this post and leave me your feedback. Until next time.

Xo Keke

Comments (2)

  1. Vivian E says:

    Haha…love it! It turned out pretty damn well. Love your monochrome look dear! It would so rock with palazzo pants

  2. Keke says:

    Hi Vivian thanks for stopping by and thanks for your lovely comment I think I’ll definitely have to try the sweater with palazzo pants after all I love that look.

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