• Create Your Style Capsule

    Wardrobe Basics Checklist:

    • Skinny Jeans
    • Nude Pumps or Black pumps
    • Camel Coat
    • White Oversized Blouse
    • A bold belt
    • Striped Shirt
    • Clutch
    • Turtleneck Jumper
    • Simple Cardigan
    • Black Shopper


    • Skinny Jeans- The foundation to a great wardrobe is a good fitting skinny jean. They should be dark blue, dark grey or black and rather tight. I usually prefer high waisted jeans, because this cut makes your legs seem longer and your waistline smaller. If you let the ankles show, it makes your legs look even longer.
    • Nude or Black Pumps- Nude pumps can look a lot lighter with most outfits which is why we encourage you to go for a pair of nude pumps instead of black. With some outfits, black can look a bit harsh however a black heel is also classic for a lot of outfits (especially going into the holiday season). Also, opt for one with a little cushion and a platform so you can wear them comfortably all day long if necessary. 
    • Camel Coat- A straight cut and slightly oversize coat is essential, during the colder months. Much like the pumps, a camel coat softens up any look with its color and gives your outfits a tailored look. Plus, You can easily turn your look around by wearing a belt. 
    • White button up or oversized blouse- You can wear an oversized button up in many ways making it essential to your wardrobe. You can wear it tucked in to your “perfect jean” or over top. You can also wear it as a dress adding a belt to cinch in the waistline with some thigh high boots the possibilities are endless with this staple piece. 
    • A Bold Belt- Speaking of belts, a bold belt can be worn with almost any item in your closet. Investing in this staple statement accessory, makes this item a must! Use for a slightly oversized dress, a white button up like we discussed previously, your camel coat, or just add it to your jeans as to make your outfit pop! 
    • Striped shirt- I know I know we’ve been shying away from strips because of its bad connotations but a striped shirt doesn’t have to be all bad! Stripes are the perfect basis for an outfit featuring various patterns, especially in combination with leopard print. Check this out: Striped shirt, camel coat, nude pumps and skinny jeans BOOM on outfit! 
    • Clutch- Having A clutch with just enough space to hold your essentials (phone, money, ID, ETC) is an important staple piece. You’ll want one that big enough for work but also small enough for your evening activities. Of course the colors nude, beige and black go with everything! 



    • Simple Cardigan-plain cardigan goes well with almost every outfit and covers up potential problematic areas. You can wear cardigans open, but you could also wear it closed with a studded belt – a perfect alternative for a shirt or a blouse, for instance.
    • Black Tote Bag – A black tote provides enough space for your usual stuff as well as for your MacBook or Ipad and other office utensils. You could choose between black or brown but a black one is very low maintenance and you can also find one that’s jazzed up with some fringe or maybe even some embellishment on the straps.
    • A turtleneck- a loose fitted turtleneck shouldn’t be missing from the wardrobe. Go for a simple look and color that can be worn in the office, at home or on the street.



  • Style the “Marilyn Skirt” 3 Different Ways!

    One of our most popular items the Marilyn Skirt has taken our site by storm! While most of us might see the skirt as a formal piece, we’re here to show you how to style it multiple ways!


    1. Add a statement top, a clutch and a pair of heels for the perfect brunch outfit!

    2. Put on a pair of loafers and a graphic tee to pull this skirt of day to day!

    3. Take this skirt to work with a conservative top and a pair of pumps.


  • Travel the holidays in Style!

    Since it is the holidays, a lot of you all will be traveling to visit friends and family! It can be hard to look stylish whilst traveling, whether you’re heading on a road trip, catching a flight, hopping on a bus or jumping on a train, the key to traveling in style is to opt for classics that are functional but look well put together! Also, think carefully about your luggage and invest in quality pieces you can rely on every time!

    A Jacket or Blazer.

    Throw a stylish jacket or blazer over a T-shirt and leggings to make your outfit so much more polished. Adding a staple piece like this will make you look like a veteran frequent flyer! If you’re traveling to warmer destinations, opt or lighter fabrics.

    A Large Tote Bag.

    Functional and fashionable! Instead of carrying a bunch of small bags, take a large tote bag instead! It will not only look fashionable, but it will be able to carry all of your belongings, from hand sanitizer to your passport!

    A hold everything Chic wallet.

    Keep all of your cards in one place! You can’t travel without all of the important stuff! Keep all of your important documents close together in a super chic fashionable wallet! That way once you get to customs, you’ll know exactly where to go when they ask for them!


    A chic pair of sunglasses instantly adds extra attitude to your look. Whether you’re wearing sweats or a dress add your favorite pair of sunnies to your look when you exit baggage claim.

    Loafers or Mules

    Loafers are just as comfortable as trainers or slides, but they look so much smarter and can go with practically anything! If you’re a girl that likes a lift, Mules are the perfect accessory for you! They have the same professional look and comfort with a little height!

  • Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas!

    No matter where you’re spending thanksgiving, the question is always “what do I wear?” On one hand you want to be fashionable but on the other you need space to eat all of that good food! While you’re tempted to wear a baggy sweater and sweat pants, we’re actually excited to dress up a little for the holidays! Whether you’re have a Friends giving or hanging out with the in-laws this season have no worries because Style Selfie has some outfit idea in mind!


    Casual- If you’re just planning on chilling with the family this holiday, or planning to do thanksgiving with you friends, you’ll probably be in your comfort zone. That means you’ll probably want to go for something a little more casual. Grab your favorite pair of jeans, your favorite jacket and you comfy sweaters and let’s get to work! Check out these fab outfits below!


    Formal– For those of you that are planning to do something a little more formal, maybe thanksgiving with a rooftop view, or thanksgiving at a favorite restaurant or banquet hall.


  • 5 things that instantly change ANY outfit!

    A belt- A belt is not only an affordable accessory you can get practically anywhere, but it can add instant definition to your waist and amp up any basic piece in your wardrobe.

    A handbag- For us women, our handbag holds our most prized possessions. However, Not only is it our “baby”, the right handbag can set off your entire look! A cute funky clutch can take your outfit from business to date night in an instant!

    Shoes– This one is for all of my shoe lovers out there! You guys know the importance of having the right shoe to set off your look. Imagine wearing a couture gown with Fenty slides or combat boots with a maxi dress. Accessorizing your ensemble with your shoe will instantly change and complete your entire look!

    Switch up your length- Have you ever noticed that the length of your jeans or trousers can affect an entire look? Cuff ’em up and wear them with flats and you’re going to look ready for a casual Saturday. Wear them long and with pointy heels and it’s date night time. Try playing with the length of your jeans by folding and cuffing – it’s going to look like you nabbed a new pair, but they’re just your same old favorites.

    Confidence-Every outfit needs a confident person wearing it! How you feel about your outfit shows so remember to always step out with your best foot forward!


  • Rules are meant to be broken! Wear your White after Labor Day!

    I’m sure we’ve all heard that old saying “No white after labor day”. The history: In the late 19th century the society ladies were engaged in an invisible battle with the nouveau riche, one that could only be won by the subtle manipulation of fashion.  According to Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in an interview with Time, “It [was] insiders trying to keep other people out, and outsiders trying to climb in by proving they know the rules.” Some etiquette authorities rebuff this class theory, however, regardless of how this theory came about, there’s on thing I think we can all agreed on, there is no need for us to still be following this rule in 2019. So in this blog, we’re going to walk you through how to wear your white year round.


    Invest in a pair of chic white booties- I know we all love to bring out those crisp white sneakers in the summer months. While we know you may have put them into hibernation, we hope you have had this upgrade in your queue. White booties are the perfect pair to your fall outfit. They can be paired with a cozy sweater and jeans, a sexy body con dress or even a chill and laid-back set.


    Your classic button down is your best friend- One thing is for sure, we all have that classic white button up in our closet and if you work in an office setting, you’re most likely wearing them frequently. You can continue to wear your classic button up outside of the office in the colder months by layering them over a classic t-shirt, wearing it under your favorite cozy sweater or you can wear it underneath your favorite camel coat for a night out on the town as the temperature starts to drop!


    There’s nothing like a clean white turtleneck- A white turtleneck not only says “HELLO FALL” but it shows your chic side. A white turtleneck can make you look like you’ve just came off the Chanel runway! Pair a white turtleneck with cognac accessories or your favorite pair of bootcut jeans.

    Contrast your white bottoms with fall colored tops- There’s no need to put away your white pants just yet! Contrast your white pants with fall cozy sweaters. You can create and ombre effect by wearing an ivory or beige sweater

    Break up your white with dark tones like black- Have plans to wear all white? No problem! Break up your all white looks with hint of black tones such as a black scarf, a black belt, or a black vest! Bringing in the contrast will make your look less springy and more fall!