5 things that instantly change ANY outfit!

A belt- A belt is not only an affordable accessory you can get practically anywhere, but it can add instant definition to your waist and amp up any basic piece in your wardrobe.

A handbag- For us women, our handbag holds our most prized possessions. However, Not only is it our “baby”, the right handbag can set off your entire look! A cute funky clutch can take your outfit from business to date night in an instant!

Shoes– This one is for all of my shoe lovers out there! You guys know the importance of having the right shoe to set off your look. Imagine wearing a couture gown with Fenty slides or combat boots with a maxi dress. Accessorizing your ensemble with your shoe will instantly change and complete your entire look!

Switch up your length- Have you ever noticed that the length of your jeans or trousers can affect an entire look? Cuff ’em up and wear them with flats and you’re going to look ready for a casual Saturday. Wear them long and with pointy heels and it’s date night time. Try playing with the length of your jeans by folding and cuffing – it’s going to look like you nabbed a new pair, but they’re just your same old favorites.

Confidence-Every outfit needs a confident person wearing it! How you feel about your outfit shows so remember to always step out with your best foot forward!


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