fashion week style

I have nothing to wear is usually my first thought when I’m packing for Fashion Week, and when I quickly rummage through my closet for ideas I confirm what I’d already suspected that I really have nothing to wear. Fashion Week style isn’t about dressing normally or sensibly, it’s not your typical street  style either.

Fashion Week Style is a creative expression, it’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone and putting together outfits that you normally wouldn’t wear unless you are already a far out dresser.  Fashion Week street style is about being noticed  and being photographed by a swarm photographers usually on the prowl for stand out dressers.

I love Fashion Week, I love the excitement and anticipation that come with it. I love the fashion, the shows and the parties afterwards, but most of all I love to people-watch to see people’s creativity. I guess I’m really more impressed with their commitment. I however, am not quite there yet, this is my toned down version of Fashion Week Style

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